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ASIA Media Symposium 01
In June 2006 "Asia Art Science Academic Conference 2006" was held at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Prof. Tomita was invited as a lecturer, and Professor's assistant/graduate school student, Shuhei Nojiri, accompanied him as a sub-engineer.
Prof. Tomita made a 90 minutes lecture titled "Future Creation of Surround by Composer". His speech was made with presenation of actual samples. 7.1 channel surround playback system (PA) was setup by students of conservatory.

ASIA Media Symposium 02
In his lecture, Prof. Tomita spoke about how an artist does all the procedure of creation, from composing, playing, mix-down, and sound space structure of surround. "Sound C: New York", "Debussy: The Engulfed Cathedral", "Honeggar: Pacific 231", "Moussorgsky: A Night on Bald Mountain", and "Holst: Planets" were introduced as examples to make surround with pink-noise. Prof. Tomita's policy to emphasize the artist's characteristic by handling all the production procedure by himself seems to have given deep impression to the audience.

ASIA Media Symposium 03
Prof. Tomita gave a special seminar for master class of Shanghai Conservatory of Muisc on the following day. Three orchestras performance was first introduced. Three orchestras, one in front and another on each right and left side, played simultaneously with independent scores. This technique gave students incredibly strong impression. Next presentation was "Moussorgsky: The Firebird and Its Dance". It was the world of deformed animation expressed with sound space by synthesizer and effect. At the end, "The Tale of Genji, Symphonic Fantasy" was introduced. An orchestra with Japanese traditional musical instruments were integrated in surround space.

ASIA Media Symposium 04
Shuhei Nojiri, representing Tomita Lab students, made presenation about laboratory's activity and works done by students. For detailed report of this presenation, see at nojiri_presentation.pdf