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Houraiji Project 01
This is an extraordinary project featuring Mt. Horaiji as a sacred mountain. Prof. Tomita composed pieces by making best use of specific sound effect made by geographical environment of this mountain. Prof. Tomita made a big success of a series of outdoor concert called "Tomita Sound Cloud", but for the first time he wrote music for Houraiji geographical specification and a live concert was held on the mountain.
Students learned various know-how of outdoor surround concert. Prof. Tomita showed them all the procedure from the very beginning of the project through television coverage with hi-vision cameras. Impulse measurement at the mountain was done in order to realize specific musical expression of echo from the rocky mountain by using sampling reverb.

Houraiji Project 02
Students analized acoustic measurement and geographical map, and then they assumed the acoustic effect of Mirror Rock of Mt. Houraiji. Here, second reflection was also included in this acoustic effect. It was a great help when the musical instrument layout was planned for a live concert on the mountain. Sound expression by sampling reverb was created as the result of two time impulse measurements. It was not an exact reproduction . The creation was done based on the feeling of the space as an artist's work. They named it "Houraiji Verb".

Houraiji Project 03
As the characteristic of an acoustic effect of Mt. Houraiji was getting abvious, Prof. Tomita kept on composing. The rehearsal was held in the studio, and the concert on the mountain with hi-vision TV cameras started. This is a picture of Control Room where Prof. Tomita conducted the concert. The synthesizer sound for each soloists and chorus was also controlled in this room. There are many monitors showing performers located at various spots of the mountain, and Prof. Tomita conducted by looking at these monitors. Students participated in the live concert as professional artists/engineers, and they created synthesizer sound and operated NUENDO during the concert. Here is the layout plan of musical instruments.

Houraiji Project 04
This is how the rehearsal was done. Children of the local school joined as chorus members. The concert was unfortunately in the rain, but it turned out the poetic atmosphere was added by rain.

Houraiji Project 05

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